8-Mile Scorching Death OR 20-Mile Cardiac Arrest, Zobmondo's Would You Rather, Round 7

Yet another physical ability related debate, plus are we really in the spirit of the game?

The Game
Would You Rather? by Zobmondo.

Ryan's Card
Would you rather . . .
1. As a woman, wear high heels on a camping trip OR have to wear Birkenstocks to the Oscar’s (in plain view, of course)
2. Date someone who is always negative OR date someone who is always falsely positive?
3. Run 20 miles in 68 degree weather OR 8 miles in 100 degree weather?
4. When faced with an attacking grizzly bear, be armed with a guitar made of solid maple OR with a saxophone? 

Heather's Card
Would you rather . . . 
1. Have 14 fingers OR 16 toes?
2. Count all the grains of sand in a sand castle OR all the eye droppers full of water in an Olympic sized swimming pool?
3. Have a diet too heavy on grease OR too heavy on sugar?
4. Chew like a cow OR laugh like a goat? 

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