Back Patio Camouflage, Zobmondo's Would You Rather, Round 4

More unrealistic sports expectations and pesky squirrels/dogs/racoons.

The Game
Would You Rather? by Zobmondo.

Ryan's Card
Would you rather . . .
1. As a man, have your grandmother’s first name OR her haircut permanently.
2. Be 90 minutes late for your own wedding OR keep dozing off during it.
3. Have body odor that can be detected across the yard OR be hairy like bigfoot? 
4. Have to watch, with your friends, a video of every argument you’ve ever had with your siblings OR every argument you’ve ever had with your parents? 

Heather's Card
Would you rather . . . 
1. Have to always eat out of dirty dishes OR have to always wear filthy clothes?
2. Have to spend the rest of your life only seeing and interacting with people that are 15 years old OR with people that are 60 years old?
3. If your life depended on victory, have to run a 100-yard race against a 6th grader OR against an 11 year old dog?
4. Have a head twice the normal size OR half the normal size? 

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