Coulda Been a Stunt Double, Zobmondo's Would You Rather, Round 9

Falling down way too many sets of concrete stairs and the many wonders of modern technology.

The Game
Would You Rather? by Zobmondo.

Ryan's Card
Would you rather . . .
1. Go solo whitewater rafting blindfolded OR go hiking along a mountain cliff 4,000 feet high on a path that is only a foot wide?
2. As a man, forget your spouse’s birthday OR buy a dress for her that is 3 sizes too big?
3. Have no short-term memory OR no long-term memory?
4. Have to give a crucial business presentation in baby talk OR give the presentation with no verbal communication at all while holding a cuddly teddy bear and a soft fuzzy blanket? 

Heather's Card
Would you rather . . . 
1. Fall down 20 wooden steps while dressed normally OR fall down 40 concrete steps while wearing a football helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards?
2. Have to sleep each night with two harmless bats in your bedroom OR have 5 pigeons hanging out in your kitchen at all times?
3. Have to watch every movie from the front row of the theater OR watch all television on a TV with a 9-inch screen?
4. Be a 12 year old still in second grade who is liked by your 8-year-old classmates and your teacher OR be a 12 year old in college who is brilliant but considered a total freak? 

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