Dolphins Are Not Food, Zobmondo's Would You Rather, Round 8

Yet another physical ability related debate, plus are we really in the spirit of the game?

The Game
Would You Rather? by Zobmondo.

Ryan's Card
Would you rather . . .
1. Drive 50 miles with a car full of digital alarm clocks beeping OR drive the same distance with 4 Styrofoam coolers, which constantly rub against each other, creating that annoying squeaking sound?
2. Have to walk around with 6 large balloons tied to your wrist for a year OR with loud bells on your ankles for a year?
3. Have your zip code change every year OR your area code?
4. Receive $100 million and never find your true love OR meet the person of your romantic dreams? 

Heather's Card
Would you rather . . . 
1. Live with a sizeable split in your lip (1/8 inch wide) OR with a mouth full of canker sores?
2. Have a purple, heavily veined nose OR yellow, rotting teeth?
3. Spend your newly acquired, small fortune living your absolute dream OR allowing your mother to live hers?
4. While stranded at sea, be on a sturdy boat with no provisions OR be on a flimsy raft with a box of food? 

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