Flick it to the Toe, Zobmondo's Would You Rather, Round 3

Clearing a four-foot high jump or an eight-foot long one. Also, Heather gets really shallow.

The Game
Would You Rather? by Zobmondo.

Ryan's Card
Would you rather . . .
1. Have to always walk around with small stones in your shoes OR always have smoke in your eyes?
2. Be able to communicate fluently with all animals OR automatically understand all foreign languages?
3. Be forced to run on a giant hamster wheel at work every day for an hour OR drink only from a baby bottle every day?
4. Live in a world where each word you say will cost you one cent OR in a world where each step you take costs ten cents? 

Heather's Card
Would you rather . . . 
1. Have an itch in the middle of your back all the time OR an eyelash in your eye all the time?
2. Have your nose grow ¼ inch a year OR your ears grow ½ inch per year?
3. If your life depended on it, have to jump over something four feet high OR eight feet long?
4. Be considered annoying OR dull? 

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