The Best Ways to Fake Being Sick, Pando's Pando, Round 3

How to fake being sick and the sociopath quiz.
How to fake being sick and the sociopath quiz.

The Game
Game played in the episode – Pando by Pando.

The Cards
Ryan's first set of cards -Do I prefer bone-in or boneless chicken wings? What color are my eyes? Have I ever gone on a blind date?
Heather's first set of cards - What Olympic sport do I most enjoy watching? Am I constantly worried something bad is about to happen to me? What is my favorite type of cheese?
Ryan's second set of cards - Name my all-time favorite sports team? Do I fidget? What is my favorite type of donut?
Heather's second set of cards - Do I like to eat fish? Would I make a better author, actor, politician or athlete? Have I ever faked sick to stay home from school or work?

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Reddit Question
Reddit, What is the best way to fake being sick?

Sociopath Test: Are You a Sociopath?

Huge shout out and thank you to Kinemesis Music on Pixabay for the theme song, Best Buddies! And Navadaux on Pixabay for Whipy woosh transition. And thanks to for our question of the week - What old school skill set do you still have?

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